Protecting Your Family with Life Insurance

March 5, 2018


As important as life insurance is it's surprising that more people don't own it. If people purchase insurance to protect things such as cars, homes, bicycles, smart phones, televisions, appliances and even pets why don't more people purchase life insurance to protect themselves and the ones they love?


These are some of the reasons why some people say they don't don't have life insurance:


"I'm young, I don't need life insurance".

"I don't plan to die anytime soon".

"It's too expensive".

"I already have life insurance through work".

"I'm healthy, I don't need life insurance".

"Life insurance is just a waste of money. If I don't die then I just threw all that money away".

"If I die then my family can just sell the house".

"I'm not buying life insurance so my wife can spend the money with her new man if I die". 

"I'm not buying life insurance so my husband can kill me to get the money".

"If I die my family will figure it out".

"My grandmother had life insurance and she lived outlived her policy so it's a waste of money".

"My sister told me life insurance doesn't work". 


From our experience of being in the insurance business, we've come to the conclusion that most people really just don't understand how life insurance works. Most people just think that life insurance is something that pays your family when you die. That is correct to a certain extent.


Yes, it pays your family when the insured person passes away but there are so many different ways that life insurance can be used. 


Our mission at is to educate America about how life insurance works so they can make a more informed decision when it comes to protecting the ones they love. 


Here are the Top 5 reasons why people own life insurance

  1. cover burial expenses

  2. help replace lost wages/income

  3. leave an inheritance

  4. help pay off mortgage/college tuition

  5. supplement retirement income


To help understand life insurance a little better let us just explain that life insurance isn't just life insurance. In other words - not all life insurance is the same. There are different types of insurance and there are many different uses and benefits for each type.


Let's take a look at some of the different types of life insurance, what it is used for and it's benefits.


  • Accidental Life Insurance also know as Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D)

  • Group Life Insurance

  • Term Life Insurance

  • Whole Life Insurance

  • Variable Universal Life Insurance

  • Index Universal Life Insurance



-- Accidental Life Insurance/Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) --

Accidental life insurance would pay your beneficiaries in the event that you are killed in a covered accident. The policy will have the written guidelines to what is covered and what