Silicon Valley Startup InsuranceQuotesPro Launches

March 3, 2018



In almost any industry , the less you know about a product or service the more you end up paying for it. If you've never worked for a car dealership you may not know the inside secrets on how to get the best deal when purchasing a new car. If you've never been in the jewelry industry, you may not know the inside secrets on how to get the best value for your money when purchasing diamond jewelry. If you've never been in the financial industry or had any financial education you may not know the best ways to make money work for you.


The same goes for insurance. If you've never been in the insurance industry you may not know the right type of insurance to get, the right amount or even how protect your assets and use insurance to create tax-free wealth. 


Founded in 2017 and launched March 2018, InsuranceQuotesPro was created to act as an advocate for insurance consumers. Our goal is to remove the hassle and frustration out of shopping for insurance by providing guidance and education. 


There are two ways consumers can use our free service: 


1. They can use the quoting tool on our website to get a quick insurance quote.




2. We customize a plan tailored to the consumer's specific situation or needs. Then we shop the entire insurance marketplace to get the best price on auto insurance, home insurance, life insurance and business insurance. When they're ready to purchase the plan we connect them to the insurer/agent that has the best price and value. 


There is no fee to use our service.



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